Really tasty and not at all overpowering to take away the flavor of the dishes I added it too. Definitely serve as a nice kicker/upgrade to existing dishes.


I was prepared to enjoy the sauce since I think so highly of the creators! Then, I tried it and was blown away. Seriously, it is delicious and unlike any hot sauce I have in my house or have tried.


I loved it! I don’t usually like US-style hot sauces because they tend to be all heat and no flavor and to overwhelm food. This had great flavor and complimented the grilled lemongrass chicken we had it with. My husband said he wants to have it with jerk chicken and he also loved it. This was a winner and I’d happily buy it.

Alison H.

I loved this sauce it’s perfect for a steak for me. I have no complaints about the sauce except that it wasn’t enough.


First off, I was so excited to try [this sauce]. I just popped that baby open, took a nice whiff and had my first taste. It was great! Thus far, I've mixed it in with ketchup so I could eat my fried chicken, dipped some beef in it and put a dollop on some spaghetti and even mixed it in with some baked mac and cheese. I LOVE IT! It's so fragrant and tastes really good. It has a nice kick to it. I also could tell there was something sweet and fruity in it so I'm pleased to see the the passion fruit puree and maple syrup as an ingredient. The hot sauce is really balanced which is important because other times hot sauce can be very acidic. I think this goes really well on food. This was awesome!


Loved it! The spice level is on point without taking away from flavor of food; rather it enhances it. You can tell ingredients are fresh and not processed or substituted. I like the initially sweetness you taste before the heat kicks in. Glad you advised how to store it. It def tastes best cold.


My husband and I were very excited to taste the hot sauce with baked chicken. It is very delicious. We just enjoy it every day and we can’t stop loving it.


Overall we were very happy with the product we tried  the hot sauce on different dishes that were both  high with ingredients and  dishes that were plain. We  felt as if the hot sauce did not dominate  the taste of the meal which was great. It was a prefect blend of fresh ingredients and spiciness that  allowed you to enjoy your food.


Packs a punch! Flavorful and spicy. I'll say it adds about the right amount of sweetness and spiciness. Very nice blend and aroma.


Nice to meet you!

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